Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tunghai University's Animal Science Center

We walked to Tunghai University's Department of Animal Science where they have animals for the kids to look at. Evie is playing the drums for the deer

Here is Ethan being swarmed by some kids at the lake on our way to see the cows. At times he seemed to enjoy the attention and then others he seemed nervous. (There is a short video at the bottom)

A view of the lake

Evie is into asking 'What' questions...what is a cow? What is a rooster? What is the moon?

Ethan was totally interested in the birds. When he wants down he nicely puts his hand on your throat as he pushes off...those of you that are parents know how great that feels.

Joel just ordered a chicken rice dish and a chicken noodle dish in Chinese. We both felt like street food rather than KFC. Maybe we have been here too long...

Look ma, no hands...

Thanks, but, no thanks...

Evie and Joel pretending to be Lady and the Tramp

There were four sisters playing at KFC when we arrived. There was one younger and one older than the two here. They were all dressed alike and all had the same haircut. I overheard Evie insisting to Joel that they were boys and Joel telling her that they were girls, that just because they have short hair doesn't mean they are boys. As I went in to take a picture of Evie playing she was sitting here by the girls and I heard her ask them "Are you pretending to be girls?" They didn't speak English.

Evie and Jackie, our apartment doorman. They have become quite good friends.

Video of Ethan stoked on the deer

Video of Ethan being swarmed at the lake

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