Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finga's Base Camp...

We took a taxi to Finga's Base Camp for lunch. This restaurant saved us when we were here two years ago. We got to the point of our trip when we were craving western food and found this place. They have imported goodies like Pepperidge farm cookies and tortillas. Their menu is complete with hamburgers and french fries (with real Heinz ketchup), salads with ranch dressing, quesadillas with salsa and sour cream...basically anything you would crave from the US. It is a little expensive but totally satisfying (a box of Cereal is $8-$9, so we stick the $6 burgers).

Evie and Joel in the tree house. It's scary to look at. with angled stairs leading to the base, but Evie can climb up all by herself.

Evie found a little buddy at the park. His mom Heidi was one of the mom's at a playgroup I went to a few weeks back. Her husband works for Nike, which has a big R&D division in Taichung. They have been in Taiwan 4 years now and seem to like it.

We went to the Providence University Night Market for dinner tonight. Dylan is good at the leaning in for a successful ring toss. His little technique won Evie a boatload of prizes.

This looked good, so of course we tried one. It's some doughy vegetable infused pancake thing with eggs cooked into one side. It would have been okay, but at the end, they pour some crazy fish sauce over it and kill it. The Taiwanese love their sauces.

Evie, being her happy little self.

Joel and Evie are saying "cowabunga"

The 'thinker' is thinking she is tired...

Two years ago I would have never ordered anything off one of these crazy carts, but we have learned a valuable lesson in our time here. When you can see the kitchen, you can see if it's clean or not. I ordered steamed broccoli and little hot dogs on a stick for the kids tonight. They loved it.

It's only fine dining at the night markets...that's right, those stools are about 4 inches off the ground. Nothing like your knees getting in the way of your chop sticking.

Evie was just a little excited at first, throwing the balls a handful at a time. She actually scored quite a few points

Don't you just love the sweet innocence of childhood.

I guess at the end of the night you just put the key in and ride it home.

Chicken feet anyone? Dylan talked Joel into eating one of these on his last trip, which he did. Only tonight did we find out Dylan won't eat chicken feet because "they are standing in their own poop."

We haven't seen this much but when we do see children hanging out with their parents while they work their street stands it makes me appreciate how truly blessed our family is.

Video of Evie at Providence University Night Market - Evie didn't respond to Joel because she was sucked in to watching the TV they had you'll see in the next video

Video of Evie rubbernecking on the carousel

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