Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Railay Beach - Food Poisoning

Unfortunately the rest of our stay at Railay beach we battled food poisoning. For me it hit shortly after my hike to the lagoon. Joel and I can't believe it but we're still not 100%. The kids had a rough couple of days but seem to be back to being themselves. It was a challenge to get Evie to eat or drink anything when she was sick. We tried ice cream, juice, etc. We gave her an Oreo when she was watching a movie and she just held it in her hand. She at least slept through the night. Ethan was up every 1/2 hour to every 2 hours the first night. It was such a shame to not enjoy our last few days at the beach.

This is the kids on their upswing. Luckily we had a shower outside and we could just rinse off their sticky little bods.

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