Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hike to Lagoon Day #5

While the kids were taking their afternoon nap I got out for a hike to the lagoon. We saw the signs on our way to Phranang Cave Beach the other day. Joel did the hike yesterday and said it was beautiful.

I hiked to the viewpoint first. To the left is Railay West and to the right is Railay East. Our hotel restaurant overlooks the beach of Railay West. (that's what you see in our breakfast pictures)
A view of Railay West bay.

I am now on the hiking trail heading to the lagoon.

I made it to the lagoon. The water level was low but it was very beautiful. The hike was quite the fun adventure too. Unfortunately it's one of those things that pictures or video just don't do justice.

When we were in Bangkok we saw a large number of gay guys so it wasn't a surprise when I met Mr. hyper poser and he said he was from Bangkok. He was visiting his sister in Krabi and they were vacationing at Railay Bay. (They're in the video at the bottom)

This is taking a look back as I started my hike out of the lagoon.

I was waiting my turn to climb up as these guys were climbing down. It shows a little bit of how technical the hike was.

Video - A view from inside the lagoon

Video - Hike to Lagoon

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