Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FM Station...

It's Sunday morning and we are all enjoying some fresh air. It has been too cold and/or windy to have the doors open lately. The kids enjoy watching the scooters go by. Evie is playing dress up in the ballerina dress from her grandma Ruthe. I overhear her on occasion trying to get Ethan to be her prince.

We stopped and had breakfast at FM Station bakery before riding to Church.

Evie was pretty excited about her happy face cupcake

The streets were pretty quiet so it was relaxing and almost peaceful to sit outside.

Evie is showing off her mouse shaped bread

Joel just rode down the church steps with Evie and, of course, she loved it.

Gettin-er done...

Heading home from church

We went to a park near our apartment on our way home from church

Every time Evie would get to the bottom of the slide Joel would pull her back up to the top and tell her she couldn't slide down. She loved it.

Evie can hang for such a long time before dropping. Joel has been doing this with her since she was tiny.
Ethan, however, didn't hang that long

Ethan sporting his cute monkey shirt...thanks again Ryan and Nikki

Kids gathered around to gawk at Ethan

Evie was playing restaurant with Joel and I and bringing us all kinds of good food to eat. This is my hot dog. It was quite delicious.

Evie is trying to offer these boys cookies. They did finally take them after she held her hand out long enough.
Evie even brought Joel a straw with his soda...

...and chopsticks with his rice

I guess this is a sign it's time to head home for nap time.

We went to a local night market a few blocks from our apartment for dinner. We all enjoy playing games and looking around. The night markets are quite the scene.

Evie would get so excited and turn to Joel for a hug every time she won.

Playing ring toss

Evie's got the sideways swing thing going on...

Daddy's pretty good about winning prizes for Evie.

We had spicy beef noodle for dinner. Joel and I were talking about how much we have changed not only from the last time we were in Taiwan but even on this trip. Two years ago, we would have been more intimidated to eat off some of the street carts and this trip we have actually had some great food and are craving it over Western food. The kids enjoy most of it too.

Evie won stickers at one of the games...this is where they wound up.

Bon Appetit

Pancakes on a stick in the shape of Hello Kitty...only in Taiwan

Evie had fun playing tag and running around with a group of kids at the market

Ethan loved the attention too...

A wheelie cool video...

Video of Evie speaking Chinese at the park


  1. Maddie watched the videos with me and looked at these pictures. Here's what she says...

    "I miss them very much. And I'm gonna write them a picture when I'm done with my mom. Thank you for the treats and candy. You are very special. We had fun. I like you very much. You guys I miss. Say that I love them. Kay?"

  2. Aubrey, that is so sweet. Evie misses her cousins too. Evie and I looked at a picture together my mom sent of the kids opening the goodies from Taiwan and she pointed to the picture and named all of her cousins and then asked where she was…she asked three different times that day if she could see the picture again.

  3. The kids look like they are having such a good time. The wheelie with Evie is priceless!