Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday mass and Lady Boss

The kids are always happy to see their friends at Church on Sunday. We met a lot of the families two years ago when we were here and it has been interesting to see how much the kids have grown. It felt a bit strange leaving Mass today knowing that it was our last Mass in Taiwan until the next time we visit.

Evie brought Ariel (the little Mermaid) to church today - this is just a bit more grand than Prince Eric's ship...

Evie enjoys playing with the girls before and after mass. It's the only Catholic church that I have ever been that doesn't start on time. Father starts 15-20 minutes late every Sunday.

We had a new priest celebrate mass today, Father Ben Humfrey. He is from Rome, NY but moved to Taiwan in 1954 as a traveling missionary. He said he traveled by motorcycle on dirt roads to preach in small towns. Motorcycles were uncommon here at that time so when people heard a motorcycle they knew it was a priest coming. I wish we had time to hear more of his interesting stories. He doesn't look it but he is 84 years old.

This order of sisters is from France but living in Taiwan. They were visiting this parish today selling homemade goodies; rosary's, candles and sweet treats...I think that's why Evie is so excited. She can't wait to open her bag of candy. The sisters were all just so happy and friendly. I thought to myself that's what it looks like to be at Peace with God. We try to be good Catholics and a Holy Family but they just glowed. There was certainly something about them that was inspiring.

After lunch we rode to McDonalds. I feel like we have consumed more McDonalds and KFC over the past two months here in Taiwan than we have in the past year...or maybe longer. You know when you overeat something and you get that nauseous feeling when you see it or smell it...
This little Britney Spears in the making just loved to stare at us. She would walk back and forth by our table, getting closer each time she passed by. She never said a word or cracked a smile, just stared.

Evie is good about getting in peoples personal space, especially when they don't want it.

Ethan is into handing people shoes. It was interesting to watch the kids get bent on Ethan touching their shoes, like he was going to take them. Most kids would just rip them right out of his hands. These are Evie's shoes so he is safe for the moment.

Here is our little chipmunk. Usually she eats before or after she plays but today she was quick about running to the table, grabbing a bite and darting off to play again before I could get her to chew her food.

Yes, she has cooties...

And she is only slightly aggressive...

Ethan in the I-Bert. They don't mind that we park our bikes inside the restaurant.

Poor little guy, he just couldn't make it home.

After naps we walked to the school park just up the street. Evie is always happy to see her friend Jackie. He works 6 days a week from 7:00am - 7:00pm. It's a long work day for him but lucky for us Evie gets to see him all day long.

There is never a shortage of interesting reading material laying on the side of the road, just waiting for that perfect moment...

Evie of course wanted to pose after seeing daddy do it...

Dinner at Lady Boss, a restaurant Dylan took us to last week. We have eaten there a handful of times since then. The food is tasty, fast and cheap. They make their own noodles and dim sum.

My big bowl of beef noodles is only $2.00 USD

Ethan is trying to use his chopsticks. We are also getting smarter about bringing his portable highchair with us. Most restaurants don't have highchairs and it's nearly impossible to eat with Ethan on our lap.

Video: After dinner we stopped at 50 so Joel could get a Red-Tea Ice Cream

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