Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Steven and Jesse Wilde

Joel took Evie on a motorcycle ride this morning and then we met at FM Station for breakfast.

Evie knows the routine, this is her and Joel's place for daddy-daughter time

Of course the mini cakes are Evie's favorite treat, they are half whip cream covered in frosting.

Ethan is in a cute new phase where he holds out his hand for yours when he is nervous about going up or down something

Ethan and I caught a ride home with Joel and Evie. It may seem sketchy but it felt safe. Maybe we're just so used to seeing families riding on scooters here that we have convinced ourselves it's okay. Joel is heading to APRO today with Dylan and Steven, the photographer we met in Taipei (who lives in Canada). He is taking some factory photos to complete the Tomac story for Bike Magazine. His wife Jesse and son Edward are coming to hangout while the boys work.

Jesse and I were on our way to the park near Dodi's house and ran into her walking to the park with Isabella. Randomly Jesse and Dodi know each other through Dodi's husband, Monie. Dodi is also from Canada. I guess it's small world no matter where you are. This is Evie's friend Heidi. Heidi doesn't seem to mind Evie dragging her around the park.

Dodi creatively engaged the kids in a game of Simon says

Isabella is only 2 1/2 years old but has great balance and quite fast on her little run bike.

After the park we walked to McDonalds for lunch. I later found out that this was Edward's 1st time at McDonalds. Sorry, he's the little guy hiding behind the paper bag.

This is Edward.

And this is Isabella

After the guys got home from the factory we went to Tunghai University so Steven could take a few pictures of Joel and Evie on the motorcycle. It's a busy area with a lot of character.

Steven is taking pictures of Joel and Evie riding up this tight little street. Steven is a great photographer. If you get time you should check out his work at

Evie loves going for a ride on the motorcycle. There was so much to look at that she certainly didn't notice she was being photographed.

We ate at this great little noodle shop before Steven and Jesse headed to the train station and back to Taipei. They depart for Canada in the morning.

Steven and Jesse Wilde

Meat, it's what's for dinner...right?

Just a few scooters...

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