Wednesday, February 4, 2009

China Town - Bangkok

We had a day and a half stopover in Bangkok on our way from Railay Beach to Taiwan. We stayed at the Conrad (Hilton) Hotel. It's the shorter of the three buildings.

Our view looking to the right. Directly below and to the right is the US embassy and ambassador residence.

Our view looking to the left

Our view looking straight ahead

Poor Ethan, stuck in the backpack...again.

Evie had fun doing 'big jumps' with daddy off the escalator.

On our way to China Town we walked by Wat Traimit (Big Golden Buddha). There was a huge gathering and lots of we went in. The festivities were actually pretty organized. We had to sign in, get a credential, check our stroller and backpack and wear these fashionable slippers over our shoes. The kids had to take their shoes off.

The temple was brand new. The Buddha was still under construction so we didn't get the chance to see it.
Chalerm Prakiat Gate and Odeon Circle leading into China Town. Wat Traimit is in the background

Unloading Ice. It was cool to see these big blocks of ice being pushed down the narrow aisles of the market.

Evie enjoyed watching (and poking) the fish in baggies.

I'm sure she washed her hands before mixing the meat...right?

This was quite the gourmet kitchen compared to most
Buffet anyone?

I don't know if the picture shows the true scale of these prawns but they were the largest prawns I have ever seen
We had dinner in the market at Hong Kong Noodle. The food was excellent. The kids liked it too.
The waiters were so friendly with the kids. Evie is obviously enjoying the attention.

Joel is buying our new favorite fruit; mangosteen's. We haven't seen them in Taiwan so we were trying to get our fill before leaving Thailand.

We also bought some grapes. We haven't had them since we left the US.

Hard day at the office
As we walked by this temple we noticed they were having a bazaar. We stopped in for a little while. Evie road a ride and played some games. It was a fun time for all of us.

Evie and Joel riding the carousel. The ride was not busy and lasted a long time so Joel moved her around the carousel so she could ride on the different animals.

The engine looked so sketchy...

Our fierce Tiger

Big guy in a little mask

Video of fish in baggies

Video of the bustling street in China Town

Video of Evie and Joel riding the carousel


  1. The picture of Evie and Ethan at top is great!

  2. These pictures are so beautiful! I love your new header, too! Isn't it fun, blogging?

    I'm amazed at all of the brilliant color in the markets. Seeing the green in all of the outdoor pictures makes me feel a little green with envy! (only kidding) It's still so brown and dead here. On the other hand, it's a balmy 56 degrees here today and it's supposed to get up to 64! We're looking at spring-like weather for the rest of the week with thunderstorms this weekend! Can you believe it?

    Can't wait to see more pictures and read more stories!

  3. Blogging is fun plus it makes me very happy to know that Carrie and the kids are doing good.(oh...and my brother too! Ha, Ha)