Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun at the park and KFC

We're back from Thailand and nicely getting back into our routine here. The kids and I went to the park today before lunch. It was a little windy but a beautiful sunny day. Evie was pretending to be a nature fairy. Her 'talent' was putting leaf stems into these holes and then she would fly around the park to gather more leaves.

It took a lot of concentration but Ethan was going to figure this thing out...

The kids love the tennis court. They run around and chase balls like little puppy's. I attached a video of them playing...sorry about the wind.

You might think Ethan wants to hand me this ball but as I tried to grab it he jokingly pulled it back. It's just one of the cute but ornery things he does.

We ate lunch at KFC and the kids were literally feeding their faces...We were all ready for lunch by the time we got there.

From where we sat I could look at Evie playing. She would sit in this window, act sassy, and then run away.

Video of the kids playing on the tennis court

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