Saturday, February 21, 2009

No shortage of stray dogs

We started our morning by going up to the roof and checking out our view. This morning wasn't too clear, but we have had some beautiful clear days this week.

There is no shortage of stray dogs in Taiwan. Ethan gets excited about them and most of them are not bothered by us. As you can see this one is just sitting in the middle of the road. Cars and scooters just go around them. Well, not always: there are a lot of three legged dogs too.

The kids and I were on our way to the park when Evie said she was hungry. I don't know how I lost track of time but it was already after noon, of course she was hungry. I decided to grab something quick and take it with us to the park, which is easier said than done. I couldn't find a restaurantwith 'take-away' and the majority of restaurants don't have highchairs and it is too intimidating trying to hold Ethan on my lap and cut noodles with chopsticks while the kids are hungry and wanting their food. As we walked down the street looking for lunch we got closer and closer to guess where we wound up. I feel so burnt on the food but it is just too convenient here; high chairs, a play place, hand menus you can point at and of course, food the kids can eat.
Ethan went down the slide for the first time all by himself. He crawled up the play structure steps, turned the corner up another step, through a tunnel and actually got up into the slide, sat up and down he went. Evie was at the bottom cheering him on.

Evie is pretending to be shy

But we all know she's not

Do the rump shaker and you move it all around.

Ethan is catching up on his Taiwan gossip

We're on our way back from lunch and what do ya know, more stray dogs...

Just a shot down the street at the Feng Chai university night market.

7-Elevens are literally everywhere.

On the way to the Feng Chai university night market, we stopped at a really old temple. It was a private "family" temple and there were two Huskys dissuading us from entering.

So you know these little games that never work? They are such a rip off. Even if you do get a hold of something with the claw, the spring is too soft and it doesn't keep hold of it. Anyway, Evie wanted to play so we let her. She can barely see what she is doing and somehow, she won. Another cheap China toy added to the collection.

Ethan is even checking out her prize.

Just what I always wanted mom, a Taiwanese character on a scooter.

Evie tried another machine but didn't have a repeat on the beginners luck

This night market rules. You just eat off street carts, with a very wide variety of food.

We tried the Japanese Okonomiyaki this time and unfortunately it was a total disappointment

When ever we come to this night market there is always a long, long, long line for this place. We got to the market early this time and there wasn't a line so we decided to see what all the fuss was about. It was a spaghetti sandwich. Basically a large hot dog bun stuffed with spaghetti...oh yeah, it comes with a disposable glove because it's messy to eat. The spaghetti was tasty but they put mayo on the top which made it hard to eat.

Check out this kitchen. Can you imagine eating here in the US? Can you imagine the health code violations and yet, there are so many restaurants like this. It's amazing we haven't had food poisoning once in Taiwan.

Joel has mastered feeding Ethan with chopsticks in the backpack.

This long line is for a hot dog. Every time we come the line is at least this long. Keep in mind they wrap the hot dog is rice patties shaped like a bun.

Busy all of the time...

We tried a fresh watermelon juice and it was delicious. The sugar seemed to hit Evie almost immediately. It's less than a $1US for a full cup.

Evie is trying her luck one more time. She wanted to do it all by there she is, standing on her tip toes, barely able to see.

Anyone for some grilled squid on a stick?

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