Thursday, December 17, 2009

Windsor Hotel Park and Providence Night Market

Joel had a meeting at the Starbucks next to the Windsor Hotel this morning so we decided to drive along with him and go to the park while he was at his meeting. It was really windy this morning and the sprinklers were on at the park so we got showered a few times but other than that the kids had a good time.

Two seconds after we arrived Ethan was swimming in the sand.

Okay, so maybe he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Ethan was making a sand angel and dumping handfuls of sand on his face...We pulled rocks out of his eyes all afternoon. The sand is more like tiny sea shells which made it easier to pick out of his eyes

Evie is serving up a plate of hash browns at her restaurant


Ethan had fun burring his feet

Evie got a new helmet with a visor to wear with Joel on the motorcycle and Ethan loves wearing Evie's old one. He had to wear it in the car and at the park.

We're back at the apartment and he has on Evie's new helmet. He loves to raise and lower the visor saying 'bye bye'

In the evening we went to the Providence Night Market. It's a great night market for kids with lots of great games.

Ethan picking out his prize

Ethan had so much fun organizing and stacking the chairs at dinner.

It didn't matter how quickly we put them back either

Ethan making friends

Evie was there to help Ethan stack them up

The ring toss

Joel's toss won him a bottle of booze but he traded it in for a coke

Joel's bottle of booze coming his way

There is always something for the kids to look at and do

On our way to the car we stopped at an ice cream burrito stand. It was a thin tortilla with some kind of bean curd ice cream and peanut shavings.

Making peanut shavings

VIDEO: Ethan is making friends and having fun arranging chairs at dinner

VIDEO: Ethan at the park

VIDEO: Evie singing happy birthday at the park

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  1. You always have great pictures & commentary. The video of Ethan in the park made me laugh & laugh. Merry Christmas to the whole family.