Thursday, December 10, 2009

Birthday come early...

Evie woke up this morning and asked if we could go to Starbucks. It is one of the two places she and Joel go to get their daddy-daughter time. Panera is the other. The coffee menu at Starbucks in Taiwan is the same as the US but their bakery menu is quite different, as the pictures below show. As we walked in a lady at the counter saw the kids and bought them both suckers. They get so much candy from strangers here. It is about 7:00am and both kids are eating suckers...


Mr. Thug life spilled water on himself in the car. Surprisingly the first thing both kids ate off their plate were the tomatoes.

Here is the Breakfast platter; a little bit of salad fixings, a side of scrambled eggs and some sandwich ham.

This looked pretty good but whats hidden inside was a mystery...some scalloped potatoes, boiled carrots, fried egg and some crazy tasting fish sauce.

Ethan is just going to help himself up to this lady's table. He was quite the social butterfly this morning. Luckily the Taiwanese are so sweet to kids and welcome any attention from them.
Dylan stopped by this afternoon with lots of birthday gifts; Evie's is in Dec, Joel's is in Jan and Ethan's is in Feb. The boys are trying to get Evie's new Barbie out of the box. There were so many fasteners holding her in...

Ethan and Dylan

Ethan's turn to open his gift

Dylan playing with Ethan and his new toy, a stacking block game


  1. Did you blow up the punching bag for Ethan yet? It looks like you are enjoying your stay.

  2. Boy, Ethan's birthday is in less than 10 weeks! Hee hee ... I know that because this baby will be here 10 weeks from today! Whoopee!

    Okay, I got sidetracked.

    Happy birthday, Evie, and happy early birthday to Ethan!