Monday, December 14, 2009

Feng Chia University Night Market

Feng Chia University is a private University in Taichung. It was named after Chiu Feng-Chia, one of the leaders of the military resistance against the Japanese invasion of Taiwan in 1895.

Evie fell asleep in the car only a block from the university. She was so sacked. We couldn't believe she could sleep through all the horn honking and traffic noise while we walked around the market.

Ethan just chilling.
Both he and Evie are just to heavy to carry around for a long time and we didn't bring the stroller for some reason. Joel and I switched back and forth and then we finally stopped to sit down for a few minutes. Dylan, Ethan and I cruised the market and Joel chilled with Evie until she woke up, which was as we were crossing the street.
It is fun to go to the night markets with Dylan because he always suggests what to eat. He said "this is a very famous place, you must try it." It was a shredded duck sandwich on soft dough. Evie and Ethan polished it off.

This was another place Dylan said is famous. It was a baked stuffed potato. It was actually good. I guess the ladle of melted butter can make anything taste good...

The kids get plenty of attention. It is fun to go to the university markets because a lot of the students are either learning English or speak English pretty well. Most of them want to practice their English so they are eager to have a conversation. They always ask Evie where she came from and how old she is.

Ethan found a new girlfriend...He was saying 'eye' as he jabbed his finger into her eye and then he would say 'mouth' and jab his finger into her mouth. He wasn't ready to leave her when it was time to go.

Fried sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar. Dylan said these are "famous" so we stood in a long line and waited about 15 minutes to buy some. They were quite good. I was surprised to see someone peeling and cutting the potatoes right there. Then they were hand dipped in batter and fried.

I guess anything fried is good. I love fried food even though it is bad for me.

VIDEO: Evie sacked at the market

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  1. Oh, yummy, yummy! You're right--anything with a ladle of butter over it has to be good. Dr. McNeely said I have to watch my carbs over the next 9 1/2 weeks (slightly elevated blood sugar) but he didn't say anything about grease! ;) Wish I were there to try it with you!

    Joel--that's a lovely man purse.