Friday, December 4, 2009

Taichung train station morning street market

Good morning! Evie woke up at 3:30am this morning and after laying awake for an hour and a half Joel got up with her. Just after they left the apartment Ethan woke up so they came back to pick us up and we all went to McDonalds. Evie's perplexed look is about the next picture...

When we walked into McDonalds (about 5:45am) there were at least 15 kids sleeping in the restaurant. We had no idea what was going on. We ate upstairs where the playplace is. The lights were off and a lot of kids sleeping but also people enjoying their breakfast, like us.
We asked Dylan later why so many kids were sleeping at McDonalds and he said college kids basically live at McDonalds. They study there all night only going home to shower and then go right back. He said he thinks it's strange and he never did that when he was in college but a lot of students do it.

These girls were sleeping on the floor of the playplace when we arrived. The employee turned on the lights at 6:00am and went into the playplace to wake them up. Ethan was pretending to be a puppy and once Evie saw him getting attention she had to join in. The kids get a lot of attention here. We are on day number four and we have only seen two non-Asian people so far.

Evie loves making me chase her around to take her picture. It's a game with her. Once in a while I actually catch a picture of her.

This time I caught her to take her picture...

Hey, the sun is up...

It's the basic fare we have in the US except all the breakfast sandwiches are called burgers. Sausage burger with egg and cheese please...

This is one of the only free standing/drive thru McDonalds in Taichung.
This guy was next to us at a light - the people watching is so rad! We are on our way to the Taichung train station morning street market. Street markets are one of my favorite things about Asia. I never tire of people watching and trying unusual foods.

Changing Ethan's diaper in the Matiz was a bit tight but at least he got it out of the way before we went to the street market.

Let the fun begin...

The kids are engaged by the fish jumping around in buckets at a fish stand

This is a close up of a 12"x 12" x 1" square of maggots in dried blood...yummy. Most of the time I try not to think of what we may really be eating here...

Evie giving her friendly wave to people as we pass by

How cute is this little guy? I was pretty impressed that he sat there so nicely...Ethan would have lasted a few seconds before he was into those bags of food

Joel stopped at this cool tailor shop to buy a patch for his travel bag

Of course the perfect pet is one that can be breakfast in the morning...

VIDEO: Morning street market

VIDEO: Sleeping kids at McDonalds


  1. Can I say 'wow' every time? Wow. Not only can I not believe that you are at McDonald's at 6 a.m., I cannot believe that there are people sleeping there! They're either really dedicated students or just plain crazy.

    Scooters seem to be the norm, too, with black helmets. As the new pictures come up, I keep reminding myself that it's not the same person--Carrie isn't a stalker--that it's a different person doing something else.

    Wish I could see this market with you. It sounds so neat.

  2. Back to being amazed by the pictures of crazy food! The kids look happy...that's awesome!