Thursday, December 24, 2009

Metropolitan Park

We went to Metropolitan Park the other day and had a great time. I didn't realize there were geese there so we came back today and brought bread to feed them. The kids love running up and down the stairs at the amphitheater. Ethan has his bread and looks like he is ready to conquer.

The geese were quite friendly

The kids are soaking it all in and enjoying some bread themselves.

The kids are just chilling watching the ducks and turtles. Only for a moment though, by the time I took their picture they were off again...

Okay, it was hard not to laugh. Evie missed her step and fell off the wall but we are on a hill so she kept rolling every time she tried to stand up

This is Evie laughing at herself as she is walking back up the hill

The kids playing in the trees - I posted a video of this one...

I'm not sure if I should be worried about Evie's 'friends' or not yet but I said it was time to keep walking and she had to ask her 'friend' if she could leave and then she replied "he said no I couldn't go, he will be sad"
Ethan found a goose egg to keep warm

I had a great laugh watching my little Jack and Jill climb and roll down the hill. Ethan would only make it to where he is before rolling back down. Evie finally went around to the other side of the hill and found it to be less steep. She was encouraging Ethan from the top.

It was warmer than we expected today and the kids are overdressed. We stopped for a juice break. To my surprise the vending machine was not a rip off like they can be - the juice boxes were only 30 cents.

The kids had fun playing hide and seek

Evie is busy fishing.

Evie is crawling on her belly on purpose. If she only realized how hard I work to get her clothes clean...

Kool Moe De

These ladies were laying new walking stones and took a break to make over the kids. The kids loved the attention

This guy picked up Ethan and took him over to his buddies here. They loved Evie - she was a little chatterbox.

The kids are so funny. Who even knows what they stopped to look at. When I asked Ethan what he was looking at he said 'down'. He's just looking because Evie is looking.

VIDEO: No hitting with sticks...

VIDEO: Roley-Poly Ethan


  1. I bet they were ready for naps after there tromp in the park.

  2. Wow, what a park! What a neat, picturesque place! I bet their cousins would love the bugs and their mother the rocks (that'd be me). ;) Isn't it a boy thing, banging, banging, banging on everything with a stick?