Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas!!!

Evie woke up and came in our room and we asked her if Santa came last night. She went to the Christmas tree and yelled "yes, he came and brought me a candy cane"

In all Evie's excitement she woke up Ethan too. He wasn't ready to wake up but the candy cane quickly helped his grumpy mood

It was fun watching the kids open their gifts. We played most of the morning before heading to Taipei for the weekend.

We stopped at a rest stop half way to Taipei. The rest stops are different than the US. They are nice parks but with huge food courts and arcades.

Evie was waiting so nicely for Ethan to go down the slide with her but when he made it to the top he pushed her and said 'go'.


Santa was waiting for us when we arrive at our hotel in Taipei.

Evie asked "are you a real Santa?"

There was a nice basket of fruit waiting for us in our room. The kids enjoyed an apple while we unpacked.

That afternoon we ventured out to see the city and saw this caravan driving down the freeway. I'll have to ask Dylan what it is exactly but there were at least four trucks that looked like temples in the back playing really loud temple like music.

There were people traveling in the back of all of the trucks as well

VIDEO: Evie first thing Christmas Morning


  1. I love the Christmas tree. It has such beautiful decoarations. Tell Evie Grandma and Grandpa said her and her brother did such a great job decorating. We sure do miss you. You sounded a little groggy in the video, but it is always so great to hear your voices and see all of you on video.

  2. Boy, what a bright-eyed morning person that little girl is!

    It still makes me feel bad to see poor Ethan's face, all scratched up. Glad he's doing better, though! Hope you don't have to do that again anytime soon (the stitches).

    Merry (late) Christmas!!

  3. Evie has all those other presents to open and what she jumps on is the candycane...too cute!