Sunday, December 6, 2009

Children's park

We went to a park today called Children's Park that we saw on a map of Taichung. Having a car has been so wonderful. We have already ventured out to explore parts of town that we haven't in past trips. Taxi fare is pretty expensive. It would have been about $15 to go to the market by the train station the other day. I guess it just adds up over a long trip like this. Joel is a great driver too. He has such a good sense of direction. I would have been lost a dozen times over by now.

Ethan is busy making friends. This group of girls are 12-13 year olds and spoke English pretty well. Ethan was excited about their puppy and a ball someone let him play with.

It's time for bubble fun. Evie is getting a demonstration on how to make huge bubbles.

Ethan wasn't sure what to make of this goat nibbling on his handlebar grip. I wasn't sure either.

Ethan is saying night-night. I'm sure he's tired. It's just about time for his afternoon nap.

Evie loves playing restaurant when we go to the park. She wanders around the park finding ingredients (leaves, sticks, seeds, etc) for her menu items. She is actually a pretty good little hostess too. She greets us and shows us where to sit and brings us a menu, etc.
She is busy in the kitchen making Joel spicy chicken noodles. I love her creativity.

The kids are pretty friendly. They just stopped to say hello as they were running by

Ethan is pretty fast on Evie's old run bike. We have training wheels on it for now. Joel tried to take them off just before we left NE but Ethan wasn't ready.

Ethan has a whole park to run and play and he parked it an inch from this little boy. They didn't seem to mind though...

Ethan isn't sure what to think of being held by a total stranger. He didn't fuss but wouldn't make eye contact either.
Come on baby, work those glutes...

Go Evie, Go.

This is one part of a dance performance at the park. We watched some of the rehearsals but didn't stay for much of the actual performance.

At a stop light we exchanged waves with this sweet little boy. I know in the US we wouldn't consider riding our little one around on a scooter with out a helmet who is just sitting on a stool, not buckled in but this seems to be quite the norm here.


  1. Wow. You are so good at sharing detail. Can't wait to hear more! :)

  2. What a nice picture of you and Ethan on the beach. Thanks for keeping us posted.