Monday, December 14, 2009

Tech Water World

Tech Water world is conveniently only a few blocks away from our apartment. There are two small heated pools that the kids can play in and a larger pool with two sides that is not heated but the kids didn't seem to mind once they started playing. They actually took our temperature as we checked in to make sure we are not sick.

Evie sporting her new swimsuit. Thanks to Grandma Joyce for sewing her swim bottoms while we were in California. I didn't try the suit on Evie before we left NE. I bought it last year and it was big for a size 3 so I just assumed it would fit her this year but the bottoms were still too big.

One of the requirements at the pool were swim caps. Evie is sporting a shark

And Ethan is sporting a kitty cat

Ethan wearing Evie's goggles. I think he looks so cute!

We were just chilling in the pool and Ethan got out and b-lined it to the stairs. I guess he was ready to go.
At the top of every hour the slides are turned on for 20 minutes. Joel is playing with the kids on the slides while they weren't in use. We of course were quickly told not to play on them...

This little girl was super cute with Ethan. He would lay his head down and she would make a silly face and make him laugh.

Evie seems to make friends everywhere we go. It's 10:00am and the slides are open for 20 minutes. The time flew by. The kids had a great time. It was one of the more fun things we have done since we arrived. Luckily the price is really reasonable so we can come back often.

A look back at the top of the stairs as we were leaving.

VIDEO: Evie on one of the slide


  1. How fun! I wish we had something like that here. I know we could join a gym with a pool ($$$$$$$$) but we couldn't use it often enough to make it worth the money. They look like they're having fun! What a great thing to do to pass the time! :)

  2. The kids look so cute. I'm so glad you are enjoying the time there.