Thursday, December 10, 2009

Morning Market

We are off to a morning street market and saw this adorable little boy stopped at a light. His baby brother or sister was sound asleep on his mom's back.

There is an archway like this over the street showing a temple is on the same street.

Hope you don't get tired of seeing street market pictures. I just think they are so interesting. To get fresh organic produce for so cheap is nice too. I feel a bit spoiled already. I bought a few bunches of basil the other day. It was almost more than we could eat and it was only 33 cents.

This lady was scaling the fish faster than I have ever seen. Scales were flying everywhere. There is a video of her cutting the fish at the bottom of this post.

This happy man in yellow just gave the kids suckers. It's almost 8:00am so I guess, why not...

Evie is doing her happy sugar dance. She just scored jello from someone else...

This couple is so cute!!! I saw this man last year and he was just as happy. He gave Evie half the orange he is pealing.

If we stand in one place long enough someone takes a picture of the kids and/or gives them something to eat. In this case both.

Ethan chilling with this little girl and her grandma. She is one year old.

Fresh, inexpensive produce. I wish our farmer's market back home could be more like this.

VIDEO: Cutting fish


  1. No, I don't think I could get tired of market pictures. Keep them coming!!

    Is there still the fascination with American children that there was the last times you visited?

  2. Yes...I love the market pictures also. Fascinating!