Saturday, February 27, 2010

Metropolitan Park

The kids and I went to Metropolitan park to feed the ducks and play for a bit. It rained on us off and on but it was a warm fun rain, we didn't mind. Evie is such a goof. Most of the time her drama is a good thing.

We have sporadic luck feeding the ducks. Sometimes they are starving an gobble up the bread quickly and sometimes the ducks don't eat much before they swim off. Today, they heard the kids open the bags with the bread in it and quickly swam over and huddled around their feet

Evie is busy feeding the ducks and Ethan is busy feeding his face

What? Who me? I didn't eat any bread...
(I think that is part of the fun)

Ethan tickling himself with a flower.

After the park we went to KFC for lunch. Joel and Dylan were just leaving a meeting and were able to meet us there.

Evie and her new little friend.

Happy Valentines Day from the Tabor girls. It's always a fun surprise to get mail from family and friends, especially when it's filled with goodies. As you can see by the stick dripping down Ethan's chin he needed a bath after eating his sucker.


Doughnuts for Joel

And Reeses and catching up on all the latest Hollywood gossip for me :) Thanks Mandy.

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  1. How many times a day do they make you chuckle? Life is beautiful.