Thursday, February 18, 2010


We walked to the beach at D*mall in the afternoon.

There were natural sandbars and the tide was low so it created these pockets of super warm and still water.

These boys were covered in sand and having a good time throwing sand on their buried buddy. Evie was happy to join in their fun.

A few local boys that were happy to have Joel bury them.

Ethan was wondering off and as Joel and I were watching to see how far he would go this boy got out of the water and carried Ethan back to us.

Having fun in the seaweed.

After a long afternoon of playing, daddy warbucks bought Popsicles for all the kids

We walked the main street towards D*mall for dinner.

Home Depot..

We are always grateful that we rarely visit the hospital but we're especially grateful we didn't have to visit this one...

These guys are doing construction on a new hotel. They were hand carrying huge bags of cement up the stairs. It looked extremely painful.

We walked through the street market at D*mall and bought some fresh fruit. Besides our drinks we haven't had much. The market near our hotel doesn't sell fruit or veggies...

The purple eggs are goose eggs

Italian by Sunset, coming right up...

A view of the sunset from our table at dinner

Cheese... (actually, it's pasta on his face, not cheese)

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