Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another day in Boracay

This is the restaurant attached to our hotel. We have enjoyed breakfast here all week but for the most part we have tried different restaurants on the island for our other meals.

Good morning beautiful

A look back at our beach as we take our morning walk.

Joel and Evie are checking out the morning catch

This local is rinsing a clump of seaweed. He was eating these small hollow pods attached to the seaweed. We tried it and it basically tasted like saltwater.

There is a narrow path from our beach to the next one. We would walk it a few times a day. Sometimes we would walk to D*mall for lunch/dinner or simply to swim and explore.

Now that's some fresh catch.

The water was so clear and there were cool rock formations randomly in the water.

Ethan is trying to show his two fingers as well as his tiny belly shirt. It's hard to believe that fit him last of the many realities my baby boy is getting bigger.

I know it's not hard to believe that Starbucks even made it to Boracay

The Filipinos have perfected decadence. As you all know Joel and I have a major sweet tooth and every where we turned there was something I wanted to eat. I love pancakes so I'm not sure why I don't eat them often but I had more pancakes in the Philippines than I have had in the the past few years combined. These were lemon pancakes with a lemon creme between each pancake and a side of lemon syrup.

Needless to say we didn't loose any weight on our vacation...

The kids were just chilling outside the restaurant as Joel and I finished our lunch.

After naps and relaxing we took a walk to the local market and then caught a motorbike taxi to nearby beach. The next few pictures are just outside our hotel

This is a snack shop on our way to the market. Ethan is poking his head in to say hello to the girl in the next picture. We saw her pretty often as we walked this street almost every day.

The local pool hall

This is out of order but we jumped into the taxi after visiting the market below...

And yes, Joel can barely stand in the market and we can only go in one at a time. It's super tight but she surprisingly fits a lot on her shelves. Canned goods, milk, baby diapers and lots of sweet treats for the Smith family.

Well, you're seeing it all. The whole market. It's big enough for one person to fit behind the counter you see but that's it. There are a few shopping centers in D*mall but this is it for the local market.

Oh, she is also a gas station. That's gas in the coke bottles.

Puka beach is only a 10 minutes drive from our hotel. It was more windy than our hotel's protected little cove and the sand was more rough but it was beautiful and the kids had fun swimming and jumping in the waves.

Ethan was so funny - He would stack three coconut shells on top of each other and then place this piece of coral and then try to stand up with it all. He would do it over and over again when they would fall.

The kids were tugging on these vines until they fell on their bottoms. Boy, they laughed when they fell.

We splurged on fresh fruit shakes a few times a day. It was hard not to. They are cutting the fruit to order and they were less than a buck

It was hard to capture a picture of the kids in the mirror but they were cute just looking around

Back at our hotel, just in time for Happy Hour. Joel and I are such lightweights from never drinking so it didn't take us much to feel happier than usual. Our favorite were the pineapple margarita's...they cut the pineapple fresh when you ordered it.

Sweet little Ethan

Watching another fantastic sunset

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