Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1st day in Manila

Joel had a full day with a distributor who flew in from Cebu. They visited a few local bike shops that Carry Tomac bikes. The kids and I had a fun day relaxing by the pool and checking out the local mall.

GQ here I come
Whee. We went to the mall for lunch and play time.
Evie and her little friend are busy taking orders at their coffee shop.

Ethan's on the look out...

We had Burger King for lunch. The menu was a bit different from the US. Evie had fried chicken with a side of rice that came with a container of gravy. Ethan and I shared a hamburger. I'm not sure why but restaurants don't offer milk like they do in the US. All McDonald's or BK type restaurants only have soda, hot chocolate or juice here.

Ethan is being a goof, eating a french fry.

After naps and relaxing at the hotel we took a walk and grabbed dinner with Joel before he went to a second dinner with John and some employees from John's bike shop. We haven't had Mexican food since Baja Fresh in California. Dinner wasn't bad. It did satisfy our Mexican food craving but it was no Baja Fresh!

Evie is tuckered. It's always interesting to see what the kids want to bring along when we leave the house or hotel room. Tonight Evie brought her Jasmine Polly Pocket who is riding a horse from Grandma Potter.

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