Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boat trip

We started our morning with a boat ride. Our plan was to go to another island but the open sea was too rough and we didn't feel safe with the kids. The boat dropped anchor and we went swimming and snorkeling instead.

The snorkeling was fantastic.

They had a little inflatable life jacket for Ethan. He was great in the water. He would come back to the boat for a few minutes (I think he liked climbing up the stairs) and then he would want to jump over the side of the boat and back into the water.

Evie did great in the water too. One of the helpers on the boat jumped in to play with the kids.

We're on our way back to our hotel. We were supposed to go for four hours but it worked out for the better to stay close to our side of the island. Ethan only lasted about an hour and a half before he was fussy. I don't know why but he has been up at 5:00am the past two mornings.

Just chilling as we dock the boat

In the afternoon we went to a bat cave. We didn't know what to expect but when we got there we realized the kids could never hike the sketchy rocks into the cave.

Joel went into the cave and took a few pictures for us to see

The ocean water running through the cave

And one of a few snakes...

This is only a minute after Ethan just laid himself out on the ground running after Evie. He has this little scrape going up his nose. Somehow it's cute.

We enjoyed playing at the beach near our hotel and watched the sunset

The kids chilled out while we watched the sunset.

Our hotel. The restaurant is on the left and our room is on the bottom floor just looking straight ahead.

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