Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ethan's birthday surprise

We'll, sadly, it's our last night in Boracay. We certainly enjoyed our week on the island. It's a place we would love to travel to again if we get the opportunity.

I had fun making Ethan a sand turtle

Our last sunset in Boracay.

Some of the hotel crew surprised us with a birthday cake and balloons for Ethan.

The kids are fresh out of the bath and were running around naked when I answered the door. The kids were stoked to see the cake and hear them sing to Ethan. Evie surprised me by jumping on the bed to put a towel on herself without me asking her to cover up.
After dinner we joined some friends we made at the hotel to share Ethan's cake

This couple and their daughter who was Evie's age are from France but live in China

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