Saturday, February 13, 2010

First day in Boracay

Our view from our hotel room. We totally lucked out with our room. We just booked on-line but the hotel wasn't busy when we booked so they gave us a room with a view. Starting next week the hotel is sold out due to Chinese New Year and other vacationers.

Our hotel is on the right hand side just as the beach curves...
This is in front of our hotel looking down the beach the other direction

First things first...head to the beach to play in the sand and bury dad.

Ethan also likes getting buried, but starts to panic when the sand is too heavy that he can not get out easily.

This is Ethan before he realized the sand was heavy. He struggled a bit, but the brute managed to untrap himself.

We always turn Evie into a sand mermaid. Ethan unfortunately kept smashing her sand tail before it was finished. He also didn't want her buried too deep, so as dad piled sand on her, he furiously worked to get it off.

Sorry Nebraska, but we don't miss you right now. It is sunny and the water is very warm. Ethan's been quite the swimmer.

For lunch we walked down the beach about 15 minutes to D*mall, the local 'mall' full of good eats, hotels and lots of bars. Of course, no beach vacation would be complete without ice cream dripping down your front. Ethan and Evie obviously approve.

We did some souvenir shopping and Evie was in heaven looking at all of the trinkets. Unfortunately, the shop owners were not equally enthralled, so she was trying to be a good girl and keep her hands off.

Shy boy sometimes warms up to the locals, for a moment at least.

Evie loved the Old Navy looking mannequins. Maybe they remind her of home.

And Evie finally finds a souvenir shop where they don't mind a little touching.

Ethan new thing is "trading" hats. This is post trade and both father and son have the right hats on.

This is a glance down one of the streets at D*mall. We have been eating some meals there and even playing at the beach, but heading home and away from it after that. We are happy to be staying on the otherside of the beach, we've heard about the loud music and partying until 5AM.

The sunsets are ridiculouly beautiful in Boracay. The sun sets directly into the ocean, so it's warm light for about the last hour of the day.

Just before the sun goes down, our nightly routine is some swimming and relaxing before the sun sets.
We had a picture of the sunset and it on accident deleted. Sorry. Next post.

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  1. I wish we were there. Maybe next year. Love and miss you.