Friday, March 5, 2010

Packing our bags...

These posts are a little behind since we are now in Cali but thought I would show the end of our trip anyway. We brought the motorcycle and car over to Dylan's, along with a carload of misc stuff. Dylan kindly stores a lot, and I mean a lot of Tomac stuff at his apartment for us, which we are grateful for. Joel gave Ethan a slow ride around the parking garage. He was panicking because Evie got to go for a ride. Maybe next year the helmet will fit him and he will be able to go on rides too.

Just leaving our apartment and on our way to Dylan's. This guy on the scooter had a huge smile when he saw Evie on the front of the moto.

We encountered lots of fun sitings on our drive...however, the beach is long way away. He should make it by sunset though...

Ethan had fun watching Evie and Joel ride by

Chatting it up with a fellow cyclist. I was taking their picture and he was taking a picture of Evie and Joel

Joel would get Ethan ramped at the occasional stop light

While I was packing Evie had me pretending to give her ponies manicures. They would sit on the red heart and I would pretend to paint their nails. I would get back to packing and she would pick out another animal and we'd do the same thing. I must have taken a long time getting back to her because when I finally did I had quite the line of customers...

The kids had fun while we packed. It's always exciting playing in boxes isn't it...

Ethan is in the box next to Evie

Our present day Daniel Boone

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