Saturday, March 13, 2010

On our way back to Lincoln

We started our journey back to Lincoln on Saturday. The kids traveled so well and the flight seemed short compared to flying from Taiwan.

Evie had fun decorating her barf bag...

The view from the window was fantastic the whole way to Lincoln. We were above clouds at least half the time.

Evie asked "are we flying over Africa right now"

We got a break in the clouds about half way to Lincoln and it was cool to see such a distinct line of division between the clouds and the ground.

We got to see the sunset as we were landing in Lincoln.

Yippee, we're on the ground safely

We knew my folks were going to pick us up but Evie got a big surprise when she saw her cousin Delphina. She ran up to her and jumped into her arms.

Of course she was happy to see grandma and grandpa too.

Our many overweight bags are quite the back breaker. Thanks for picking us up and all your help mom and dad. It's good to be home.

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