Friday, March 5, 2010

At the airport

We made it to the airport but the morning felt a bit scrambled. We had to wake Ethan from his nap and it felt like we had a lot more to clean and pack when our van arrived. However, we made it with plenty of time for our flight which is always a relief.

Joel practicing writing in Chinese. It was really difficult.

A display near our boarding gate celebrating the New Year

Ethan, making a wish for the New Year

Evie is quite the social butterfly...

Evie met this little girl who lives in California and until our plane boarded they were inseparable. They were really shockingly similar. It makes me excited for her to start school and have little buddies she can play with every day.

On the plane. The kids are chilling and watching a movie. They both traveled and slept amazing. (A little medicine helped). Ethan only slept a few hours of the 14 hour flight on our way to Taiwan so Dylan helped us get some cold medicine at a pharmacy before we left. It did mellow him out and he was a good boy on the whole flight.

We have started our descent into LA

LA has a lot of rain recently and the hills were green and the coast looked tropical

Yeah, we're almost there...

Now that's some city sprawl...

Joel entertained Ethan the last few minutes of the flight by tickling his little feet.
I guess just a 'few' people live in LA...
The kids were so sweet as Joel collected our bags.

This is turned crazy for some reason but Evie surprised me and said 'mom, look, it's your friend Amy' and sure enough she wrote Ami. Sometimes I wonder how much is sinking in and then I see a little reward like this

Evie had fun coloring at our hotel room. We stayed in LA our first night and went to dinner with Drew and Carrie, some of Joel's dear friends. Randomly, Drew who is a drummer for the band Chicago was in the Philippines the same time we were and only about a mile away from where we stayed but neither of us knew it

Evie enjoys coloring. She carried this picture to dinner and told everyone she could find that she was going to be an artist

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