Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Smith House and Jessica Visit

The kids have had a blast being able to run around the beautiful Smith yard. Evie has picked flowers until her heart is content and taught Ethan to do the same.

Evie even decorated Shilo

Ethan is saying back off my chicken noodle soup. Grandma Joyce heard Evie's favorite soup is chicken noodle and surprised us with a yummy snack.

The kids have loved the animals at grandma and grandpa's house. They also have cats. Shilo is a sweet dog and is so gentle with the kids.

Later that afternoon we stopped by to see grandpa at the shop. A few minutes after we got there Joel got a call from Malcolm asking where we were that he was at home...

Soon enough!

Aunt Ashley takes such good care of the kids.

Ethan sporting dad's gloves

Ma, I want this one...

Joyce made a birthday cake for Ethan's birthday which was in February but while we were in Taiwan. Unfortunately he fell asleep before cake but loved his new tool set. Thanks grandma and grandpa

Princess Evie is just happy that the suitcases are now open and she can change into a new princess dress every few minutes

We enjoyed the day with Jessica also. The week went by so quickly so we didn't get much time. Luckily she is coming back to Ne for Easter so we'll get lots of time then

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