Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Boy...

Well, to make a long story short...we noticed a humming noise in the house and Joel narrowed it down to our water pipes. We had the water company come take a look and they told us that we have a leak in our pipe by the street and that we would need to fix it asap. I say we meaning we would have to pay the bill...ouch. Anyway, a few more water company guys and city guys came by to double and triple check before they dug a huge whole in the ground in front of our house. Today is the day they started digging. The kids loved watching the huge digger.

This is the first whole they dug before they realized it wasn't the pipe in front of our house...it was the neighbors across the street....

This is the second whole they dug and eventually got the the leak stopped. You'll have to check out the video at the end of this post. Joel is waving to the kids who are still standing by the door checking out the action.

Miss Hollywood. We ran some errands while Ethan took his nap.

Quitting time...Evie and I returned home to see that that guys will be back tomorrow. I guess they are going to dig up our neighbor's yard next...


VIDEO: That's more than a leak...

VIDEO: It's not too cold out today if you're prepared for it but this guy spent hours in freezing water trying to find the leaking pipe.

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  1. They probably saved your tree and your street. With all that water the tree would have probably died and with all that water the street could have sunk. Than they'd be out replacing the street. I wonder how many neighbors heard the hissing and didn't pay pay any attention to it or just ignored it.