Monday, March 29, 2010

Evie's new big girl bed

So, Evie got a new big girl bed this weekend. She outgrew her toddler bed that we got when Ethan was born. I remember when she gave up her crib to Ethan and was so excited about her toddler bed. She seemed so small at the time and now I can't believe she has outgrown it.

Ethan was a big help putting Evie's bed together...mostly misplacing screws and tools. His look of surprise is "what, why don't you want me banging on the bed with this wrench, I'm only trying to help"

Seriously, you don't want me to bang with the mallet either...

Joel just got back from a bike ride when he decided to dig into putting Evie's bed together. We call it 'unnecessary chamois time" which is spending way too much time in cycling shorts

Yes, Evie was one happy Chickie about her new bed

Her bed comes with a little desk on one side and shelves on the other. She is pretty excited about the little hide out under her bed too.

I was a little nervous about Evie being able to go up and down the ladder at night but she has managed perfectly.

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