Friday, June 5, 2009

Broken or not, that is the question...

This blog post is a bit past due but on May 30th Joel was on a bike ride at Wilderness park and had an accident with an oncoming biker. They both tried to get out of the way but Joel's wrist was pinched in between the bikes. Joel knew the guy on the bike and the group of guys he was with. The group tried to talk Joel into taking an ambulance to the hospital as they all thought his wrist was broken but instead I get a call from Clarke saying Joel is riding his bike home with a possible broken wrist. I was starting to panic because I didn't have any luck reaching him on his cell phone. Finally Joel shows up with a badly hurt hand but insists he can drive himself to the hospital which is only a few minutes away. After a few hours he returns home with news of a broken wrist. It was Saturday and we would have to wait until Monday to see the specialist who would cast his arm. On Monday Joel didn't seem to have much pain in his wrist itself where the break supposedly was so he had the doctor take another x-ray and to our disbelief his wrist wasn't broken. It is still pretty tender but it's just one of those happy endings you don't hear every day.

NOTE: Beware, there are some pictures from the hospital at the end of this post

Joel took it easy while the kids played in the back yard. Ethan just caught site of Evie and is excited for her to come play.

kick, kick, kick

Hey-yo mama

The edge of the pool was loosing air but it was perfect for Ethan to rest his head on and chill out

His arm looks much better from when I first saw it. At first it looked like there was a softball under his skin on top of his old break - about mid arm, and I guess all the blood everywhere didn't help.

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