Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adventure Land

Good morning. Our bags are packed, we're checked out and the kids are ready to go to Adventureland.

Front door pick up by molly the trolley. It was a fun ride even though you can see the entrance of the park from the hotel lobby.

Just entering the park - it's a bit of a ghost town compared to Disneyland with mobs of people. I love it already!

Claudia is about to take flight. Our first ride is the 'Red Baron' and we're the only ones on it. The worker was just standing at the ride as if she was just waiting for us to walk up. The kids got to ride extra long and then change planes and ride again.

Evie and Delphina

Breaker breaker 10-4, what's your handle, good buddy?

Grandpa Potter - it's good to see that smile.
Grandma Potter and Delphina.

Cap'n Delphina taking the kids on a cruse. Ethan could barely reach the steering wheel with his seat belt on and no matter how much it cut into his gut he was going to play with the wheel. We were the only ones on this ride too. The kids enjoyed the extra long ride time.

And of course...what would an amusement park be with out getting soaked on the log ride.

By the look on Evie's face she didn't like it though...

Evie was a bit nervous to meet the tiger until Grandpa went up and showed her it was okay...

...and then Evie (and Claudia) didn't want their new friend to leave.

Soooo Ethan totally shat himself. Joel is on his way back from the car with a change of clothes. Ethan is bummed that he can't go on frog hopper too. Poor guy was trying so hard to get in the gate.

And...the Frog Hopper. Evie tried it once and wanted off asap. Grandma Potter and the rest of the cousins went on it again and again and lie, it was at least 45 minutes of solid frog hopping. There were no lines so the kids basically got off the ride and got right back on. I don't know how my mom did it. She must have done the ride at least 20 times.

Delphina, Claudia and Mandy

Grandma Potter still going Strong. Here with Gabrial, Anderson, Claudia and Delphina

Gabriel, Grandma Potter and Mandy just before blasting off on space shot, a 235-foot tower and free fall
Watching Grandma, Grandpa and Delphina pass under the bridge on Raging River.

Mandy, mom, Gabriel and Delphina standing in the long line at Balloon race...oh wait, we're the only ones here...rad!

To be a kid again...The ride made me feel totally sick if I looked any other direction than straight ahead.

Sisterly love; we went on the roller coaster and since there wasn't anyone in line we did it again. The first time was fun and the second time we were asking each other why we did it. We felt totally nauseous.

of course...

Mandy, the outlaw...

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