Thursday, June 4, 2009

Downtown Iowa

After Adventureland we stayed the night in downtown Iowa and went to the farmer's market, The Science Center and the State Capitol the next morning. The beautiful building in the background at the farmer's market is the court house.

Evie received an airplane pencil top eraser from one of the vendors and she was entertaining us all by playing in this sand bag that held up a barricade. The airplane fit perfectly into this little hole in the bag.

Evie had fun riding the train while we waited for Grandma and Grandpa Potter to arrive. Joel took Ethan back to the hotel for his morning nap.

Yippee, Grandma's here

One of the many street musicians that caught our attention.

Grandma and Grandpa Potter

Evie and I chilled on the curb with our strawberry smoothies and listened to the music.

There is something for everyone at the farmer's market. Evie found this little basket of animals as we were walking by. It was hard to get her to move on from them. I think we finally bribed her with kettle corn.

Evie is singing and doing her Ariel the little mermaid impression for Grandpa.

We went to the Science Center which was only a block away from the farmer's market. Joel met us there when Ethan woke up from his nap. Evie and Grandma had fun making gigantic bubbles.

Evie, our little weather girl. She loved seeing herself on the TV. Ethan just loved pushing the buttons on the television.

Evie and Ethan tried sitting on the chair of nails. The demonstration was about displacement and how they could sit on many nails and it wouldn't hurt but if they sat on one nail it would hurt.

Unfortunately we only had a few minutes to see the State Capitol building before heading home. The Capitol building is really quite beautiful but both kids are overdue for their naps so we didn't have much time. We are crossing our fingers that the kids sleep most of the way home.

The view of downtown from the Capitol steps was quite beautiful too.

Grandma and Evie are looking at the amazing ceiling that is way high up - as Evie would say.

Homeward bound. There is my folk's bitchen camper. That thing has really seen some amazing sites.

Two sleeping kids makes for one peaceful drive home.

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  1. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and seeing the story of your day! What a pleasure!