Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adventure Land Inn

We're on our way to Adventureland in Iowa. My sister Laurie and their family have been there a few times now and have such a good time that she nicely organized a family trip with our side of the family and Kevin's side of the family.

We stopped to let the kids out of the car and run around. It is nap time and they were getting pretty antsy. Hopefully they are ready for sleep when we get back in the car. Of course the kids had more fun climbing and playing on the mound of dirt next to the play structure than on the play structure itself.

dirty, dirty...

Evie is starting to look tired...that's a good sign.

Even better...Ethan actually laid down and said night night.


Joel is trying to clean the kids up before getting back in the car

Success. Both kids nicely slept until we arrived at our hotel.

To our surprise the pool in the hotel was totally kid friendly. The baby pool had a beach entry and slides and waterfalls. The kids had a blast. Looking back Evie and Ethan had as much fun swimming as they did at Adventureland. Here is my sister Laurie and their three month old son, Louis.

one, two...wee


Kevin and Anderson

Ethan had such a great time. The whole baby pool was shallow enough for him to walk around in.

Ethan had a blast going down the slide. Mandy just stayed near the steps and when Ethan would come down I would just pass him to Mandy and she would send him down again, and again, and again. About the 20th time we just distracted him and had him take a we could take a break.

Kevin is giving Evie some love after he pulled her out of the water after she swallowed a huge amount of water. Thanks again Kevin.


Having fun with the kids.

Ethan is at the stage where he loves trying to walk in other people's shoes, he loves handing people their shoes, he just loves playing with shoes. I think these might be Delphina or Clare's that he's currently sporting.

Enjoying dinner and the end to a fun afternoon. The kids played hard and are ready for bed. Before dinner Ethan was trying to crawl into his pack and play and Evie didn't even want to come to dinner. She said she was too tired.

Dinner with the Clark family. Thanks again for organizing the trip. We had a great time!

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