Friday, June 5, 2009

Evie's first kite

Hey, what's up there...We went to Holmes lake tonight to fly Evie's kite and feed the ducks. This is her first kite. She was pretty excited for about 30 seconds and then wanted to feed the ducks and play on the rocks. There is a video clip at the end of this post -sorry in advance about the noisy wind.

And we're off to feed the ducks...or scare them off as we come running their direction waving a bag of bread in the air...

About a minute after we arrived Ethan ran into the muddy water and trashed his shorts and shoes. Luckily we could just rinse the mud off of his croc's and they were good as new.

We were walking to the bridge to see the fish and Ethan just backed up into the tall grass on the side of the path and sat down. I didn't think of it at the time but luckily he wasn't covered with mosquito bites or a rash the next day.

Evie is heading to the water to look for fish

It takes Ethan a little longer since the grass is half as tall as he is...

VIDEO: Evie flying her new barbie kite for the first time



  2. WOW, COOL picture of Evie heading toward the water!