Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Celebrating our 5th Anniversary

Well it's hard for me to believe that Joel and I got married on June 12th, five years ago. We got married at St. Mary's church - my old church and grade school. We had a beautiful day filled with sporadic sunshine and thunderstorms, a blackout at our reception and tornado sitings only only a few miles away...it truly was a day we will never forget.

During the ceremony -Father Joel Panzer (the pastor at my parents church) and Father Paul Witt, pastor of St. Mary's (since we were kids) con celebrated our wedding mass.

...and for the first time, here is Mr. and Mrs. Smith

We took most of our pictures at the State Capitol building which is across the street from the church

The Potter family. Since our wedding my parents have welcomed 7 more grandkids, totaling 12.

Left to Right; Joel, Mandy(sister) & Delphina Tabor, Jeremy(brother), Maddie, Morgan & Aubrey Potter, Fran (mom), Don (dad), Joel & I, Laurie(sister), Clare, Kevin & Gabriel Clark, Jessica Potter(sister).

The Smith family. Louise(sister), Joel & I, Joyce (step-mom), Malcolm (dad), Ashley(sister) and Alexander (brother)

Our reception was at the Lincoln Train Station downtown in the old Haymarket.

Our wedding party:
Back: AJ, Drew, Alexander, Jose and Zap
Front: Nikki, Mandy, Joel & I, Laurie, Amy and Jessica

The girls...

The boys...


We had a nice long weekend of celebrating. On Friday evening my folks watched the kids and Joel and I enjoyed dinner and a movie. We had dinner at Lazlo's in the Old Haymarket. From the patio you can see the Train Station where we had our wedding reception. After dinner we saw the movie Hung Over. It was hilarious.

Standing with the Old Train Station behind us where we had our reception.

Enjoying the sunset on Saturday night as we drove to Omaha to see Coldplay at the Quest center.

It was my first time to the Quest center and my first concert since we had Evie. Needless to say I was pretty excited about our big outing.

Garlic fries with loads of ketchup anyone...we had a hard time making it through the gut bomb. It sounded good at the moment while we were waiting for the show to start.

Our tickets were row 34 on the floor. We took the pictures with our phone.

Pretty cool moment. When they played the song 'Yellow' big yellow balloons filled with confetti dropped from above.

My amazing husband

The band did a great job moving around the venue. They are in the back of the venue singing about Nebraskans and Huskers, etc. They said to make everyone happy at a concert they needed to visit the people in the back of the room. They were right, people loved it.

At the end of the show neon butterfly shaped confetti rained for what felt like forever. It was super cool. I imagine the person who has to clean up the venue after the concert is bummed but we thought it was cool. We brought some of the butterflies home for Evie.

I thought it was cool that someone held a parasol over the mixing console and audio tech so confetti wouldn't get on the equipment or distract him while he was working.

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