Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Newport Beach & Malcolm's Birthday

We went to Newport Beach today to meet my dad's uncle Gene who lives in Placentia and my sister Jessica. Gene was born in Nebraska but has spent the better part of his life here in sunny California. Gene reminds me so much of my dad; his quick wit, mannerisms, kindness, sense of humor and even his good hugs - the time together was a real treat.
The kids had fun playing hide and seek


This isn't the beach, it's actually the sandy dirt around a tree - our kids certainly love playing in the dirt and it seems they can find it anywhere...
Ethan is trying to figure out his plan of attack for eating the sandy dirt - "do I just go face first?"

He opted to do some exploring first, to ensure he finds the best treasure to put in his mouth.
Evie is doing some exploring herself

We enjoyed lunch on the pier. The food was good, the view was beautiful and the sun was so warm. I could have curled up in the booth and took a nap after lunch.
Uncle Gene and Jessica

The Dory Fishing Fleet, the only one of its kind in the U.S., began with a fisherman tired of selling his fish to the wholesalers. He supposedly began selling his fish on the beach to an eager public who purchased his fresh fish, saving money and getting the best product. The Dory Fleet Market, was dedicated as an historical landmark by Newport Beach Historical Society in June 1969. The day’s catch is sold out of weather-beaten boats that function as sales counters and table tops where fish are beheaded and cleaned before customers’ eyes.
The kids had fun playing in the sand and getting soaked. The breeze was chilly but the sun was warm.

Ethan had fun splashing but it didn't take him long before he sat down and was completely soaked.
Gene, Jessica and myself

ya gotta put your back into it Jess...
Just crusin...
After naps the kids helped make Grandpa Malcolm some birthday cookies

Evie actually took this picture of Ethan and I. He isn't feeling the best right now. He didn't want up and he didn't want down, so he got to go for a ride around the kitchen and watch.

Evie was excited to help Grandpa open his birthday gifts.

Grandma and Evie bring Grandpa his birthday cookies

Grandma and Grandpa with Evie - Happy Birthday Grandpa Malcolm.

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