Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drew and Carrie's Wedding

Drew is getting married today. Drew is Joel's best friend from High school. The wedding is at Drew's mom's house in Laguna Beach. Joel had to be there early for pictures so the kids and I had a few minutes to play nearby at Alta Laguna Park

Drew Hester and Carrie Wilson

It was pretty cold out especially compared to the day before. After the ceremony it started to warm up though.

Add Image Mr. and Mrs. Drew Hester

Evie wanted to stand where 'the bride' did. She said she was going to marry daddy.

Drew's brother and the Maid of Honor gave their speeches and then it was cake time - Evie was anxiously waiting for this moment...she had to look at the cake at least a dozen times. Every time we looked she asked if it was cake time yet.

Drew's brother Wyatt lives in Colorado with is wife and two boys. The boys were so great with Ethan and Evie. They would play so sweet and seemed so gentle with the kids and then I would see them rolling around in the yard beating each other up. It was cute. A flash forward to Evie and Ethan in a few years...

Evie is pretending to be shy with Carrie. We all know she isn't shy...

Ethan is busy picking up little rocks and handing them to Wyatt's boys - they were of course happy to receive Ethan's generous gift

...and finally cake time

She all but licked her plate clean. It must have been worth the wait
This was about three minutes after we left...someone must have played hard

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