Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Goodbye Taiwan

Joel went on an early morning bike ride and then started to pack up his bike - Evie woke up as Joel got home and was happy to help daddy.

Dylan's mom and dad came with their truck to take the kitchen table...
Dylan is taking good care of Evie too

Dylan's dad

After getting all packed up Joel and Evie went to lunch with Dylan and his mom and dad. Ethan was still taking his nap so I stayed behind and got the final cleaning done while the place was empty.
Evie is sad about leaving her friend Jackie

And we're off...goodbye Taichung. From here it's a 2 hour drive to the Taoyuan Airport.

One last goodbye to Dylan...

...and one last look back at Taichung

Don't mess with me mom - I'm playing with my Polly-Pockets
All our bags and we were only charged $30 for the bike in this case. Our attendant was just a little animated...
Our long drive and both kids fell asleep about 15 minutes from the airport. We somehow managed to get the bags out of the taxi and get checked in without them waking up.

First stop; Lunch at Burger King

Princess Evie, perfecting her victory pose

Ethan chewing on a chicken bone
My handsome king and goofball princess
We arrived to the airport early, thanks to a very aggressive taxi driver. We relaxed and let the kids play before going through security and to our gate.

We flew through security and customs. Turns out they have a speed lane for families - a total perk since the line was long. We had enough time to check out the Hello Kitty play place near our gate. When we got there Evie parked herself a few inches away from this girl and started watching sleeping beauty in Chinese. Ethan is glued too.

A few minutes later Ethan managed to find a comfortable seat right at this girls feet. All this room and our kids are in her lap. She didn't seem to mind though.

Dad is taking one for the team. You know it was a tight fit to get though the tunnel to go down the slide.

A 12 hour flight and we are already exhausted, this should be fun. Evie is stoked and ready to watch movies and Ethan is trying to see how many times he can turn the light off and on before I yell his name.

Evie received this crafty sticker picture frame from the stewardess just before take off. Evie had fun putting it together and the next thing she knew we were off the ground.

Evie is excited about her little bed on the floor. She actually slept great. She tossed and turned a bit with the noise and lights but slept about 8 hours - Ethan, however, didn't do as well.

Evie woke up in a sweet mood. She is enjoying her yogurt at the moment.

We have arrived at LAX and for a moment we are still the minority

Yes, that's a lot of baggage. Evie is keeping a good watch over them - while brushing her teeth and being victorious

Video at the Taoyuan Airport, Taiwan

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