Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last ride in Taiwan

I went on my last bike ride in Taiwan this afternoon. I have enjoyed riding here. I loved riding through the crazy streets on my way to the trail but also the trail was fun and view was beautiful. This is the turnoff to the trail from the main road. The trail head is in the trees in the distance.

This is the trail head with a little map stapled to a tree

This is the first cat I saw while in Taiwan. As many stray dogs as I have seen and only one cat in two months....maybe there is some truth to the mystery meat on the street carts....

A jump park with a teeter-tauter. I didn't have the nerve to try it though.

On a clear day you can see Gaomei Beach - sorry, not today.

Some of my favorite singletrack on the trail -it's not too rocky

It's not uncommon to find cemeteries randomly around town. Most of them are return to nature where you can barely see the tombstone

The trail is just a little rocky and not only rocky but a there is fine layer of dust on everything so not only did I feel like I was riding on marbles but slick marbles. I never felt sure of myself and never felt like I had any traction.

It was a beautiful trail, just lots and lots of rocks...

I started packing in the afternoon - the kids enjoyed playing with some dry pasta while I packed the kitchen.
They loved playing peek-a-boo in the suitcase. They also loved tearing through the nicely piled clothes too. I finally waited until they were both down for a nap to finish packing the clothes.

Dylan and Kate stopped by to say goodbye. Kate is taking classes on the weekends so we would not be able to see her tomorrow. She brought us a gift of Green Tea and made us a cup to show us how to make it correctly.

Kate and Dylan

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