Saturday, March 28, 2009

Isaac Clark's Baptism

We attended mass at Dwight Assumption Church to celebrate the baptism of Isaac Clark, my cousin Annette's son. (It's just a coincidence that my sister Laurie's last name is Clark too).

Before mass my mom and Evie walked around the grottoes (built in the 1930s) and I guess there is a functional chapel which seats only 4 people (making it one of the smallest in the world).

Little Isaac, turns out he's quite perfect. My mom gets credit for taking all of the baptism pictures.

Evie is playing with her new build your own monster stickers and Ethan is busy trying to figure out how to get the stickers off the page. I know he can't wait to eat them. Joel and I are honored to be Isaac's Godparents so a special thanks to my mom & dad who are watching the kids (and taking pictures).

Father Timmerman, my cousin Annette, her husband Stoney and their son, Isaac. Father Timmerman is pretty new to the Dwight Assumption Parish and happened to be at Blessed Sacrament (our parish) just before we moved to town.

A perfect day - Celebrating the newest member of God's family

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