Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Afternoon with Jessica

My sister Jessica who lives in Lakeforest, CA., spent the afternoon with us in Riverside. The kids had fun picking avocados, tangelos and kumquats

We are pretty excited - we love avocados and haven't had them all winter

Jessica is becoming one the with kumquat tree

Ethan was stoked to ride on grandma's big bunny.

Ethan and Jessica

Ethan is helping Joel tune up his bike - he is a big help, as you can imagine

We all had fun drawing with chalk in the driveway
Joel took Ethan on a ride on John's new niner (29"wheel) bike. John competes professionally in 24 hour races and his family lives across the street from the Smith's.
John Mills
Evie is drawing candy for her ghost's trick-or-treat bag

Jessica is putting finishing touches on Evie's maze

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