Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hello California

We are back in sunny California. We enjoyed a lazy day playing outside with Grandma Joyce, Aunt Ashley and her fiance Ryan. Joel went with his brother Alexander and his dad to do the Soboba motorcycle ride at the Soboba (band of Luiseno Indians) reservation. The guys left at 6:00am - I don't know how Joel found the energy after a long day of travel and a terrible night sleep. The kids didn't go to bed until 2:00am.

Evie looking pretty stylie in Ryan's shoes

Our little Snuggle bug.

Joyce has this copper pot perfect to fill with water for the kids to play in.
The kids loved being outside - and naked...

Ethan is enjoying this orange that Evie picked for him.

Evie was having so much fun with Ashley and Ryan - they are really great with the kids.

Of course Ethan wanted a turn too. He walked over to Ashley and Ryan and when they lowered the sheet to the ground he walked onto it and laid down in the middle of it and just waited for his turn.
He liked it but a little longer and I think they could have put him to sleep.

Grandma Joyce and Ethan

Ethan just chilling with Ashley

Shiloh is such a sweet dog. She is so gentle around the kids.

Malcolm and Joyce's beautiful home. We all had such a great day playing outside, and to have such a wonderful yard to enjoy - what a change from Taiwan.

The boys arrived home from their motorcycle ride dirty and tired, but they had a good time.

Alexander's friend Johnny is helping Evie walk up the 'stairs', as she called them.

Evie scored the rest of Grandpa Malcolm's juice stop drink - by the size of her pink mustache it must have been good. She didn't put the cup down until it was gone.

Brotherly love

Turns out a Spider fits four comfortably. (Johnny, Alexander, Joel and Evie)

We are enjoying the sunset and nice weather while the boys get cleaned up from their ride (Aunt Kathy, Ashley, Ryan and Grandma Joyce).

Evie was walking on the wall and fell into the onion - and as you would suspect she smelled just like onion
Evie picked herself up was kind of innocently embarrassed - it was cute.

One of those moments that melt your heart; Evie is just chilling with Grandpa and they are telling each other stories.

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