Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SeaLife and Lego Land day #2

We had a free pass to come back to Legoland a 2nd day. Our day actually went by so fast. We went swimming at the hotel in the morning and just took our time getting going but the afternoon went so quickly that I wish I would have just got the kids ready and went straight to the park. We ran out of time and steam towards the end of the afternoon. We pushed it and wound up sitting in bad traffic for hours trying to make dinner in Riverside.

Ethan was giving me his grumpy, fussy, I don't want to take a picture face as we entered SeaLife. He quickly cheered up once we got inside.

The kids had fun building on this Lego castle outside the touch tank area

Ethan, getting a closer look

Evie of course found a little pink fish

We had a few hours to spend in the park after SeaLife. Evie got to see Bob the Builder.

These hot dogs were $5 apiece. They weren't anything fancy either. They were the only thing to eat that wasn't an insane line or insanely expensive. I guess $15 for three hot dogs is pretty insane...

We made it to the water park and it was soooo busy. I had a hard time relaxing because I would quickly loose site of the kids. We stayed in this tot zone for most of our time there. The kids had a great time and I could keep an eye on them better.

Did I mention there were a LOT of people...

Evie and Ethan getting ready to head down the big slide

This was part of the downtown NY exhibit in mini-world. The cars moved. It was pretty over the top.
This was Evie's favorite ride. We had to do it one last time on our way out of the park. It was a great time. I hope we can do it again and bring daddy.

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