Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Legoland, CA day #1

The kids and I went to Legoland one day on our trip to Riverside. Actually a day and a half because we got this park pass to come back the next day for free. We stayed the night in a hotel so it was easy to go back the next day for a bit. In the parking lot they have Volvo primer parking with these Lego people all around. Evie got such a kick out of them. I liked the Volvo and Ethan just stayed in the stroller...he didn't seem to notice either.

Let the fun begin.
First stop a roller coaster. Ethan was tall enough to go but I had to ride with him. Evie was a brave girl and rode with this girl who was in front of us in line.

Ethan, on a safari expedition.

This was Evie's favorite ride. A boat ride that took you through a maze of children's stories. This was her last ride request at the end of the day too.

They had a little splash park next to the playground. We brought suits into the park just in case we made it to the water park, located inside the park.

They had this Volvo covered in Legos. Is that bad if I want it even if it's covered in Legos.

They had this mini-world that was pretty cool. Evie loved it. It was pretty detailed and to think everything was made out of Legos was pretty mind blowing.

Bob the Builder's gal-pal.

Evie on a boat ride around mini-world. She looks so tired. Ethan is asleep on my lap. We are close to calling it a day.

Jessica and Bryce met us at our hotel and went to dinner with us. We stuffed ourselves on burgers at Island. The kids were so good. They were tired and therefore more mellow than usual.

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