Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Evie's Clifford project

Evie's class project is taking clifford home along with a bag of books, clifford snacks and a juice box with clifford on it. The kids are supposed to write in a journal how they spent their day with clifford and enjoy the treats while they read clifford books. It was pretty priceless to pick Evie up and have her run from her room excited to show me that it was her turn with clifford.

Evie got to take Clifford to swim lessons after school.

And to the park after swim lessons

At home, Evie pulled up a chair for clifford as she ate her snacks. She actually took really good care of him and took him everywhere.

This was Evie's journal page. A few pictures and sentences from our afternoon and a picture drawn by Evie.

Evie's picture is of her throwing a Frisbee to clifford

This was taken in the morning as Evie was off to school. Good bye clifford, until next time.

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