Monday, August 8, 2011

Picking blackberries

The blackberries bushes grow like weeds around Santa Cruz. They are all over our bike trails and on the side of the roads and all over at the parks. They have been ripening at different times also so it feels like we have been enjoying blackberries for two months now. Joel found this ripe patch on his lunch ride Friday. We went picking when he came home from work.

The kids of course are stoked.

Grandma Joyce taught me a good lesson when we were picking blackberries in her back yard. Only let the kids eat what they pick and not out of the bag/bowl and that way they don't just eat by the handful. It does slow them down a bit. Prolonging the tummy ache just a bit. :)

Ethan showing me he eats one at a time.

Well, this is a bit sad but Ethan was using the handles on his bag and swinging his bag around in circles, dragging it on the ground and making juice...which was flying everywhere since he now had holes in his bag. Anyway, he was bummed that Joel took his bag away. I put his bag into a new one with out holes but it was too late. His feelings were already crushed.

This was in our morning. Joel made yummy blackberry pancakes for breakfast.

Ethan is carefully watching. He has such bed head. He is also sporting Claudia's old jammies. It's hard to believe we sleep in full footed jammies here in the summer. I think in NE we would be sweating with the air conditioner on.

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