Monday, August 29, 2011

San Francisco - Friday

This is an old post that I'm just getting around to. Joel surprised me the Friday before my birthday by taking the day off work and to spend the day (and Saturday) in San Francisco. It was a wonderful weekend full of lots of new adventures as Joel planned ice skating and a Ferry ride for us.

I really admire Joel that he is always into trying something new. He really encourages the kids to try new things and almost always, they totally have a blast. I'll have to admit I thought the kids might be a bit young for ice skating and not be able to do it but I was wrong. With our help, they did it and they had a fantastic time. We all did.

Joel and Ethan off for their first go around.

Evie loved it immediately. She said she felt like princess Belle dancing with the beast in the Christmas movie we have.

Ethan focused, and running.

We took a small break for ice cleaning. The kids thought it was cool.

Cleaning the ice

Ethan's curls

My family, taking a break while they cleaned the ice.

Right out side the ice rink was a park and it's a good one. It's attached to the children's museum which we visited on our last trip to SF. The museum is okay. Surprisingly not as good as the one in Lincoln. It's the only one in SF too. Ethan is showing me he can do the fire pole all by himself. And as sketchy as it looks he actually did it. I held my breath but he often surprises me.

They have this super long slide that is so fast. Almost too fast to get a picture.

When I found Evie she was laying resting on the ground. She said she was tired but her tummy hurt. We had the stroller with us that she used as we walked back to the car. She wound up feeling better later but seemed pretty tired most of the morning.

Ethan found a buddy to slide with. The slides were so fast the kids shooting off the end and on to their bottoms.

Later in the afternoon we went to the apple store to get Joel's phone fixed. To our surprise they gave him a brand new phone for free. Love that deal. While Joel was at the apple store Evie and I walked around the block to the cheesecake factory. My favorite!! Evie stopped to smell the flowers on our way back.

Ethan fell asleep in the stroller holding his peach. We told him we were on our way to dinner and he could have it after. He wasn't about to let it go.

Ah, China Town. Our favorite area in SF for food. Almost anywhere you eat is good. Joel uses Yelp a lot for recommendations on where to dine. Most of the time they are right.

Ethan woke up and wanted to snuggle daddy. But he wasn't about to let go of his peach.


My baby boy. A bit grumpy. I wanted him to put his peach aside until after dinner but he didn't want it out of his sight. He did eat dinner and he nicely shared his peach with all of us.

Evie, coloring on the placemat. I guess I didn't take a picture but it was our whole family. Her drawings always make me smile.

Video: Ethan running on his ice skates. This is about how he skated too. It was so funny to watch. He was so fast, almost running on ice. No grace at all but full throttle, Ethan style.

Video: Ethan at the ice skating rink

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